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Some of the best climbing in the country can be found in the Blue Mountains, a World Heritage National Park only an hour inland from Sydney.

h3. Access
From Sydney take the Great Western Highway into the mountains, to the towns of Katoomba, Medlow Bath, Blackheath and Mt. Victoria. The climbing is spread out along the ridge lines. All the major towns can be reached using a suburban electrified train from Sydney, and some crags and camping can be reached from the train stations without too much walking. Most people drive, however.

h3. Rock
The landscape is one of huge sandstone escarpments surrounding deep vegetated valleys. The rock varies from fairly solid and steep, to crumbling weetbix rubbish, and everything in between. The face veneer sometimes seems to be made up of sand crystals melded together by rain and lichen, usually coloured an attractive grey and orange, but underneath its often a white sandy nonsense. Despite this description, the climbing is pretty darn good. Sport climbing is quite popular, although there are still some stonker trad lines amongst it all.

h3. Camping
Free camping at the turning circle at Mt York and down in the Megalong Valley. No where safe to leave your stuff unfortunately. Commercial campgrounds with showers and other luxuries at Katoomba and Blackheath. Many tourist lodgings of all standards for those willing to pay.

h3. Guidebooks

- Upper Blue Mountains
** [Blue Mountains Climbing 2010|] - *THIS IS THE GUIDE TO GET*
** [Rockclimbs in the Upper Blue Mountains (2nd Edition)|] - the last complete route guide printed by the SRC
** There is a lot of info on the [ACA website|] but its a bit all over the place

- Lower Blue Mountains
** Covered in the [The Sydney Climbing Guide|Lower Blue Mountains]
** *Rockclimbs in the Lower Blue Mountains* by Harry Luxford, 1994 (out of print)

- The Grose Valley
** *Rockclimbs in the Grose Valley* by Warwick Williams, 1997 (out of print)
** [Grose Valley Online Guide|Grose Valley] (under development)

- The Wolgan Valley
** [Wolgan Valley Select Climbing Areas|] by Wade Stevens, 2001
** *The Wolgan Guide* by Pete Taylor & Andrew Penney, 1984 (out of print!)
** [Wolgan Valley Online Guide|Wolgan Valley] (under development)

- Canyoning
** [Blue Mountains Canyons]

Note we have separated the Grose Valley into its own guidebook, although it forms part of the Blue Mountains National Park and is covered somewhat in the Carter guide.

h3. Updates