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<header intro="This is the broken cliffline with plenty of rock 300m right (south west) of Narrabeen Steep Side, clearly visible from both the road and Steep Side." name="Pootang Crag" rock="" sun="All day sun" id="1" access="Access is from the south end of Steep Side (walk right from Septic Penguins) - don't go through the swamp from the road! Stay below the cliff line following the track from SP. The track follows a faint path that goes through some small overhung caves. You will eventually make it round to a big flat slab, scramble up over this and the crag is just on the other side." walk="20 minutes"/><text id="14">Climbs are described left to right, facing the crag.</text>
<climb extra="6Þ" fa="Jeffrey Crass 1987-05" grade="25" id="1" length="10m" name="Caitlin Sam" stars="*">
Start: At left end of crag.
Hard wall then through roof.
<climb extra="XÞ" fa="Leonard Coyne 1987-05" grade="26" id="2" length="10m" name="Is This Climb my Wife?">Start: 2m right of CS.
Wall then through harder roof. 4 rusty BRs.
<climb extra="5Þ" fa="Leonard Coyne 1987-06" grade="27" id="3" length="10m" name="Catherine Gockley" stars="**">
Start: 4m right of ISCmW.
Up and through rooves.
</climb><climb id="16" name="Mussel Hustle" length="13m" grade="19Þ" stars="*" fa="Rod de Paiva 2017">Technical mantle over the lower ledge, then gain the arête on good holds all the way to the top. 5 bolts.</climb>
<text id="13">20m futher right is ...</text>
<climb id="24" name="Pocket Rocket" length="10m" grade="16" extra="5Þ" fa="Rod de Paiva 2017">Start on the deep pockets following the orange wall till you hit the roof.</climb><climb id="25" name="Split Rocket" length="10m" grade="25" extra="8Þ" fa="Rod de Paiva 2017">The extension of Pocket Rocket. Follow PR till you hit the roof. Extend a draw at the anchors to avoid drag and keep going up! Pull a strenuous move at the lip and climb through the super technical crimps at the head wall till the anchors.</climb><climb id="26" name="Snake Charmer" length="13m" grade="22" extra="7Þ" fa="Rod de Paiva 2017">Climb the cool features down below until you hit a good rest before the roof. Pull a hard move to gain the head wall and follow the obvious crack to the anchors.</climb><climb id="27" name="Vertical Smiles" length="15m" grade="22" extra="6Þ&#9;" fa="Dan Brown 2017">Start directly under first roof, go around right side of roof. Gain good break traverse left, then straight up under second roof on chicken heads. Go right then stem your way up to ledge. Have quick breather before stepping left and up over bulge for an exciting finish to anchors.</climb><climb id="28" name="Baby Cannon" length="15m" grade="24" extra="6Þ" fa="Rofd de Paiva 2017">The most exposed route in the crag! Follow Vertical Smiles to the 3rd bolt on to the rest ledge than go right. Bouldery moves to position yourself in the nook, reach up for the technical crimp/ slopper combo into an airy crux move!</climb>
<image id="15" src="Pootang.jpg" width="600" noPrint="true"/><climb id="17" stars="" name="Fist Full of Frankfurters" length="13m" grade="20" extra="5Þ&#9;" fa="Rob de Paiva 2017">Great line climbing through some of the best features of the Orange Wall, with loads of good holds on great rock! Up the lower ledge, up passing the "hueco" into to a balancy move to the anchors.</climb><climb id="18" name="Show us your Hooters" length="13m" grade="22" extra="6Þ" fa="Dan Brown 2017">Follow seam up through good features on steep terrain, Crux is after the 4th bolt.</climb><climb id="6" name="Fish Taco" length="10m" extra="4Þ " number="1" grade="19" fa="Rod de Paiva">Left sided climb up easiest part to step right to blunt arete to shared anchors.</climb><climb id="7" number="2" name="Fish Taco Direct" length="10m" extra="4Þ" fa="Rod de Paiva">Straight up under to high arete to shared anchors.</climb><climb id="8" number="3" name="Better Than She Looks" length="10m" extra="4Þ" grade="21" fa="Dan Bennett 2017">Starting on right side traverse left along break then straight up to shared anchors. Stick clipping first bolt recommended.</climb><climb id="9" number="4" name="Glory Hole" length="15m" extra="7Þ" fa="Dan Brown 2017">1m further right of Dave project, up to small roof, stepping left then straight up to anchors at back of upper cave.</climb><text id="10">Head right, around corner 10 m further on</text><climb id="12" number="" name="Back Door Bandit" length="10m" extra="4Þ " grade="18" fa="Dan Brown 2017">Around corner 10 m further on, up grey corner and bulge to anchors. Needs more traffic, a bit sandy.</climb><text id="21" class="heading3">Upper Tier</text><climb id="22" name="Lovin' Oven" length="12m" grade="19" extra="6Þ" fa="Dan Brown 2017">Enjoyable climbing on interesting rock formations. Up slab to first bolt, then follow the jugs up through steep terrain, past hook shaped rock. Clip bolt below massive block, heave your way straight for the anchors.</climb><climb id="23" name="Honey Badger" length="10m" grade="23" extra="5Þ" fa="Rod de Paiva 2017">Short and explosive! The line in the middle of the cave. Hard boulder at the start into a good rest. Up the wall on positive pockets passing the "honeycomb" onto a slopey rail and dyno for the anchors. ( can be done statically but requires a core of steel!). Stick clip first bolt.</climb>