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<header name="GFC" id="1" intro="Single pitch sport climbing on bulging orange rock. Still more lines to bolt - so bring your drill." access="Park at the end of Hansens Road Minto Heights. Walk through the gate and follow the line of rock cairns down a small gully, cross the creek (sometimes dry) and up the other side. Keep following the rock cairns towards the left. There is a stepped scramble down gully on the left side (facing out) of the cliff." history="Another Matt Brooks discovered crag on the Georges river in SW Sydney." walk="10 minutes" sun="Crag faces East"/>

<text class="heading3" id="2">Descent Gully Cave</text>
<text id="3">The first sector from the descent gully.</text>
<climb name="Ice Baby" grade="8" length="8m" fa="Neil Monteith, 9/5/2015" id="3">Far right route on low angle juggy wall near bottom of decent scramble. Needs bolts - soloed on first ascent.</climb>
<climb grade="10" name="Poverty Line" length="9m" fa="Neil Monteith, 9/5/2015" id="4">Middle route on low angle juggy wall near bottom of decent scramble. Needs bolts - soloed on first ascent.</climb>
<climb grade="10" name="The Big House" length="10m" fa="Neil Monteith, 9/5/2015" id="5">Left route route on low angle juggy wall, starting at right edge of cave on short overhung scoop arête. Needs bolts - soloed on first ascent.</climb>
<climb grade="23" stars="*" name="Too Rad for Trad" extra="Þ" length="12m" fa="Jason Lammers, 2015" id="6">Start left of the crack and pull thru the steepness to tricky thin head wall.</climb>

<text class="heading3" id="7">Westy Wall</text>
<text id="8">A big Colosseum type section with orange rock and grey streaks. An amazing roof on the left and right hand side.</text>
<climb name="Monk Gets Drunk" extra="7Þ" length="15m" id="9" stars="**" grade="25" fa="Neil Monteith, 2.8.2015">Starts just right of Ugg Boots. Scramble onto ledge, then weird move up holdless flake. Right and through short steep section to large horizontal break. Bust through crux steepness above on pockets and finish right with long moves between good holds.</climb>
<climb grade="21" stars="*" name="Ugg Boots" length="15m" extra="5Þ" fa="Viona Young and Wade Stewart, 25/4/2015" id="10">Stick to the right of Goober Boots with same second last bolt and final bolts (permadraws). Some fun, tricky moves, depending on your height and style.</climb>
<climb grade="18" stars="**" name="Goober Boots" length="14m" extra="7Þ" fa="Wade Stewart and Viona Young, 2015" id="11">Climbs up and left on the lower orange section. It then makes it way up and right on the grey streaks up to the horn near the top.</climb><climb id="38" name="Seam Crack Project" length="15m" extra="Þ">Semi bolted seam. Closed project - stay off</climb>
<climb grade="26" stars="**" name="Struggle Street" length="10m" extra="7Þ" fa="Neil Monteith, 21/06/2015" id="12">Roof route starting on high ledge on left side of wall. Swing right along roof-flake, then around bulge to big jugs. Keep trucking right on smaller holds past permadraw chain then up and out final roof using drilled pocket that replaces a glue reinforced flake that exploded. Single bolt lower-off to the left in orange streak. Back jump to clean.</climb>

<text class="heading3" id="13">Tiger Wall</text>
<text id="14">20m left of the Westy Wall sector, and just left of the ledge system with fixed rope that goes to the top of the cliff. The big long steep orange and white wall with stepped roofs. Great quality water-polished rock. All routes have lower-offs.</text>
<climb grade="21" name="FUnked Up" length="12m" extra="Þ" fa="Jason Lammers, 9/5/2015" id="15">The far right route on this wall, just left of a really sandy cave. FUnkiness on orange rock with one very hard move.</climb>
<climb grade="17" name="Zeds Dead" length="12m" extra="5Þ" fa="Matt Brooks, 2015" id="16">Popular warm-up. Just left of Funked UP. Up the small arête at the L of the roofs and straight up the face above to combined anchors with JSC</climb>
<climb name="Je Suis Charlie" length="12m" extra="5Þ" id="17" grade="23" fa="Gene Gill, 12/7/2015">3m R of Aretica. Straight up the face to the same anchors as ZD. Scummy dirty rock quality.</climb>
<climb grade="23" stars="***" name="Arêtica" length="15m" extra="8Þ" fa="Wade Stewart, Neil Monteith and Jason Lammers, 2015" id="18">Up through the breaks and then left out over the black rock to the orange streak arête.</climb>
<climb grade="25" stars="**" name="Smoke, Mirrors, Lightning" length="15m" extra="8Þ" fa="Matt Brooks, 2015" id="19">The leftward leading line through the middle of the right side of the main wall - 5m left of Aretica. Bring pants or a L leg knee pad.</climb>
<climb name="Project - Closed / Universal Soldier" length="20m" extra="10Þ" id="20">Do you like sustained 3D climbing necessitating an eclectic style? Do you feel every line should take the hardest path and top out? Do you think boulder problems are always too short lived? Then sign on the dotted line, Universal Soldier.</climb><climb id="35" name="Witness the Chipness Project (Closed) " length="16m" extra="7Þ" fa="Set by Neil Monteith, 2015">Straight through the guts of the biggest roof at Tiger Wall. Up flake to hight first bolt, then hard move to jug under roof. Monkey across roof, with crux turning the lip, then up technical wall above. Super. Thanks for asking. Closed project - stay off.

<climb name="Freaky Styley - Wade's Project" length="20m" id="21">Start right of FM and traverse 6 m or so into FM.</climb>
<climb grade="26" stars="***" name="Funky Monks" length="18m" extra="10Þ" id="22" fa="Wade Stewart, 31.7.2015">A very gymnastic climb on amazing limestone style rock down low and bomber sandstone in the upper half. Really varied moves. Long draws help to stop rope drag.</climb>
<climb name="The Downward Spiral" length="15m" extra="9Þ" id="23" grade="25" fa="Neil Monteith, 18.7.2015">The best rock at GFC, and very sustained. Pity that several 'bonus' holds had to be made for this to go. Start with easy flake then long moves using breaks and pockets to under roof. Traverse left along sloper pockets then hard move over final bulge. Finish with hands right at the top of the cliff!</climb><climb id="39" name="Darkest Arts" length="16m" extra="8Þ" stars="**" grade="24" fa="Neil Monteith 2016">Brilliant rock quality and lots of long powerful moves. Very sustained. Stick-clip high first bolt, and start the route to the left of it. Once under upper bulge (5th bolt?) either finish with long traverse left as for Goat Fucker Mega Route (grade 24) or blast through bulge finish of The Downward Spiral (grade 25).</climb><climb id="34" name="If you hang around a cripple long enough, you'll develop a limp (Closed Project)" length="16m" extra="Þ">PROJECT !!! A single bolt links GFC mega route into The Downward Spiral. Does the cruxes on both routes. Currently a project- Stay off</climb>
<climb name="The Goat Fucker Mega Route " length="14m" extra="7Þ" id="24" grade="24" fa="Jason Lammers 2015">Far left route on this wall. Up the tiger striped wall, wandering around to find the holds.</climb>

<text class="heading3" id="25">Angry Ant Arena</text>
<text id="26">The easiest sector at the crag with a few harder ones on the left. Climbs listed in right to left order facing the rock. In summer a VERY nasty ants nest is active below the first few routes. Belay on the small ledge or get eaten alive.</text>
<climb grade="18" name="Disarray" length="12m" extra="7Þ" fa="Viona Young and Wade Stewart, 2015" id="27">Grade 16 for most of the climb and a 20 on the last move equals a grade 18. Make sure your belayer stands to the right of the ant's nest...</climb>
<climb grade="17" stars="*" name="Overly Optimistic" length="12m" extra="7Þ" fa="Viona Young, Wade Stewart and Jason Lammers, 2014" id="28">Lots of fun, Nothing too hard. Just make sure your belayer doesn't stand in the ants nest. 2m right of Bolt It And They Will Come.</climb>
<climb grade="16" stars="**" name="Bolt It And They Will Come" length="12m" extra="7Þ" fa="Wade Stewart, Viona Young and Jason Lammers, 2014" id="29">3m right of Harem. Climb upwards and right until you get near the bright yellow streak on ledge. Then climb left side of this up and left to lower offs. Fun warm up.</climb>
<climb grade="18" name="The Warm Up Route" length="15m" fa="The Linkup Dude" id="30">Links the best part of all the warm ups. Makes the longest route on the wall. Start up 'Bolt It And They Will Come' for a few bolts, cross thru the nice orange bit on 'Overly Optimistic' and then a high traverse to link into the final tricky move on 'Disarray'</climb>
<climb grade="18" stars="**" name="Harem" length="10m" extra="6Þ" fa="Wade Stewart, Viona Young and Jason Lammers, 2014" id="31">A fun climb straight up through the arête and scoops to the upper right lower offs. Beautiful yellow sandstone features.</climb><climb id="36" stars="" name="Concubine" length="10m" grade="19" extra="Þ" fa="Jason Lammers, 19.07.2015">Variant finish to Harem. Climb Harem to 3rd bolt then swing to the left side of the cave. Then back right to anchor.</climb><climb id="37" name="Fix This Mikl" length="11m" grade="20" extra="Þ" stars="*" fa="Jason Lammers, 26/7/2015">Between Harem and FOMO. Cool move about half way up.</climb>
<climb grade="23" stars="**" name="FOMO" length="12m" extra="4Þ" fa="Jason Lammmers, 2015" id="32">A bit of Nowra in downtown Minto.</climb>
<climb name="Project - Rodgers and Hammer time" length="12m" extra="Þ" id="33">Left of FOMO. Only partially bolted.</climb>