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On the 3rd ledge apparently you can walk off left, but few details so don’t try it in the dark. Rap to 2nd ledge and go off right.
</climb><image id="81" src="P5200031.jpg" width="800" legend="true" legendTitle="Eugene Mak starting up Pitch 1 of The Camel on the FA"/><image id="82" src="access.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Access and walk off (red) for The Camel" width="900"/><climb id="83" stars="**" name="Pitch 20" length="20m" grade="17" fa="Eugene Mak, Jeff Crass 2018">Unusual climbing up a basalt pillar. Virtually pitch 20 of The Camel, as there isn't much other reason to be out there. Walking out from The Camel on the old Abseiller's Track, after 200m the track heads left into thicker scrub then makes a 90 degree right-angle turn. At this point turn left and bash 30m, coming out on a basalt scree slope. This climbs the tallest buttress (-33.590111, 150.370618) on your left, with a finger crack running up most of it. The top is a bit shattered so put in a few delicate directionals and belay from trees on the hill behind.</climb><image id="84" src="42892311_335077983921030_525087510309634048_n.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Pitch 20"/><image id="85" src="casmelback.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Pitch 20 Pillar"/><image id="86" src="42862329_2060603640916576_5618765702270812160_n.png" legend="true" legendTitle="Pitch 20 access"/><climb access"/><image id="87" src="Pitch 20 walk.jpg" legend="true" width="800" legendTitle="Pitch 20 walk"/><climb id="33" fa="Dave Roots, Les Tattersall, Carol Wilson May 1953" name="Coronation Crack" length="200m" grade="13">A short route heading rightwards, originally graded 8.
Right of the gull there are 2 lines, climb either to the 1st ledge. Traverse right on 1st ledge then walk along under an “undeniable wall” and up a staircase leading right behind a very long rightwards leaning flake. Walk off R on 2nd ledge.
</climb><climb id="32" name="The Assassination" grade="17?" fa="Warwick Williams, Nic Bendelli, Joe Lorencz, J Peterson October 1976">A good direct climb, the first section is best. No doubt some of the route on the second band has been scrambled over before.