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<header intro="An extensive bouldering area. " name="The Villas" rock="Bouldering " sun="" id="1" access="Park at the start of Rata Place, Sutherland, where the big green pipe crosses under the road. Follow the pipe leftwards for about 75m, then drop off right towards the river into the jumbled rocks. After about 15m, you'll be on a vague terrace, head left for 10m for the Cops Are Tops Cave, otherwise continue down the dodgy descent for another 30m. The first problems described are about 25m right along the cliff line, next to the exposed pipes. The Villas cave is about 35m in the other direction. The Villas cave gets the shade in the morning. " walk="5 mins"/><image id="2" src="279.jpg"/>
<header intro="A bouldering area accessed from the start of Rata Place, Sutherland. The area is CLOSED to bouldering to protect a significant aboriginal site. Please respect this closure, so that climbing may continue in other areas." name="The Villas" rock="" sun="" id="1" access="" walk=""/>