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<header intro="South Central of the Shire. A very steep cave of awesome quality water polished rock. The home of Magnum (V10), one of the classic hard roof problems of The Shire. " name="Price's Cave" rock="Steep bouldering cave" sun="" id="1" acknowledgement="Info updated by Neil Monteith, Bundy and Johan" access="From River Road, turn into Prince Edward Park Road, follow it along through a small round-about and park in the obvious parking area on the right side of the road (as for Fish Boulders). Cross the road and walk about 50m south; a fire trail will appear. Follow this up the hill and across a bridge. 100m on a big cave will appear on the right. " history="First developed by Paul Westwood in the 1990s. Please minimise your impact in the area (leave no rubbish, remove excessive chalk etc) as there have been access issues in the past. "/><climb id="3" name="Jack" length="8m" grade="20" extra="4Þ" fa="Paul Westwood">The left most route. Start at roof flake, then finish out rightwards with a series of bizarre mantles.</climb><climb id="4" stars="**" name="Jill" length="8m" grade="24" extra="4Þ" fa="Paul Westwood ">Fantastic steep climbing on flakes through steep wall. Funky and cruxy. Same lower off as Jack.</climb><climb id="5" name="Link" length="8m">Up IM for one bolt then left into Jill via heinous undercut scoop. A bolt seems to be missing from the crux but you could stick clip next bolt and extend it for the red point. Grade?</climb>
<climb extra="4Þ " fa="Paul Westwood" grade="28" id="1" length="9m" name="Intellectually Mild" stars="**">Through roof then climb right to crimpy crux then nice to top. Quality.
<header intro="A cave with waterwashed rock, accessed from Prince Edward Park Road. The area is CLOSED to bouldering to protect a significant aboriginal site. Please respect this closure, so that climbing may continue in other areas." name="Price's Cave" rock="" sun="" id="1" acknowledgement="" access="" history=""/>

</climb><climb id="6" name="Open Project" length="9m" extra="">Up the center of cave - only half bolted.</climb><climb id="7" name="Circadian Rhythm" stars="**" length="8m" grade="30" extra="5Þ " fa="Cameron Taylor 2009-06-28">Super steep and sustained technical climbing on the right side of the cave. One of the hardest routes in Sydney. An old Westwood project put to bed by the next generation.</climb><text id="12">And now for the bouldering.</text><problem id="8" name="Hermit House" stars="**" grade="V3">10m right of the main cave. Sit start and go up the scoop.</problem><problem id="9" name="Turnaround" grade="V5" stars="*">The impressive crack. It has only been toproped so free it if you dare!</problem><problem id="10" name="Magnum" grade="V10" stars="***" fa="Paul Westwood">3m right of the crack, crawl into the back of the black dark go even further in again...go on, all the way. Come back out upside down along the roof, via pockets, slopers, pinches and finally a desperate mantle. Finish standing on top of the lip. And I'm spent !</problem>