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<header intro="A great little crag offering excellent climbing and bouldering on high quality sandstone. Most of the routes and problems offer good moderate climbing on big holds. In addition to the climbing, the area also offers great swimming, canoeing, mountain biking and walking, and a variety of good camping spots make it a great place to visit. Sometime during 2003, the National Parks and Wildlife Service posted a large sign at the end of Moyran Pde stating that rockclimbing is banned within the National Park and that people caught climbing will be fined. " name="Dickhead's Area" rock="" sun="Crag faces south" id="1" access="To get to the crag park at the end of Moyran Parade, Gray's Pt. Follow the track for about 10m then turn left and head down to the water on a faint track. The cliff line contains the routes, while 5 to 10 minutes walk further on is a cave that offers great bouldering (currently up to V4 or so)."/><text id="5">Climbs described left to right.</text>
<climb fa="Luke 2000" grade="18" id="1" length="9m" name="Arse Master" stars="*">
Two finishes.
<climb fa="Luke 2000" grade="23" id="2" length="12m" name="Hot Shit" stars="*">Start below wide crack splitting roof. Overhang, then up into wide crack and out.
<climb fa="Luke 2000" grade="21" id="3" length="10m" name="Leeches">Up the arete in descent gully.
<header intro="A little crag at Gray's Point. This area is CLOSED to climbing and bouldering. Please respect the closure, so that climbing may continue in other areas." name="Dickhead's Area" rock="" sun="" id="1" access=""/>

<climb fa="Luke 2000" grade="20" id="4" length="10m" name="Funk of Gunk" stars="*">
Traverse up to the right and out.