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P2 50m Straight up past 8 bolts and then traverse left to DBB
P3 30m Head left up easy slab (BR) and mantel (BR) past cracks and up over 2 bulges, walk back to tree.</climb><image id="78" src="P1a.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Jeff on the recently excavated P1 of Gripping Yarn"/><image id="80" src="P2a.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="P2 of Gripping Yarn"/><climb id="37" name="The Very Easy Route" length="50m" grade="12" fa="Unknown">Up on ledge about 30m right of RRP - take care.
Traverse out left along ramp for about 30m, up small seam - poor protection.</climb><climb id="81" name="The slightly harder route" fa="mikl 1988 solo then bolted">From the Maur i Rompa belay bolt at the left end of the ledge, follow the seam leftwards, 2m past Gripping Yarn and up past a carrot. Then diag L to jug and around arete to good crack. Follow this to horBreak then follow easy seam with no gear for 10m and leftwards to GY Belay#2</climb><climb id="76" stars="**" name="Maur i Rompa" fa="James Bultitude 2014">Walk around for 50 m from the start of big bird till you come to an easy crack/ramp which runs diagonally up from left to right (this is also the very easy Route). Follow this to the first bolt then up past another bolt to an easy bridging corner. </climb><climb id="38" name="Mark Farrel's Route" length="20m" grade="17" fa="M.Farrel, C.Breeze, M.Pawluchenko 1997">Thin crack in the depths to the south of Slab Wall.</climb><text </climb><text id="52" class="heading3">Unknown Wall</text><text id="40">The following route descriptions could not be located. If you can figure it out, let us know!</text><climb id="39" name="Afterthought" length="23m" grade="9" fa="N.Wilson, N.Jacobs Dec 77">Halfway down descent gully on right behind wattle trees.
Up slab to groove/crack, up this and wall to right, to ledge. Up between cracks.</climb><climb id="41" name="Three D" length="29m" grade="15" fa="W.Newton, N.Wilson, Dec 77">At crack about 5m right of descent gully.
Up crack to block, up right of block. Righwards onto wall and up slabs to chimney.</climb><climb id="42" name="Cricket Hat" length="50m" grade="12" fa="N.Wilson, W.Newton, J.Warren Nov 77">At block leaning against cliff about 15m right of Three D.