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<climb extra="Þ" grade="21" id="28" length="10m" name="Trickles" stars="**" fa="Mikl Law 1980s">Start as for QFDtP. Follow lip right past 3 RBs. Mantle then straight forward finish as for QFDtP (RB). Belay as for A or QFDtP.
</climb><climb id="53" grade="23/24" length="8m" extra="Þ" name="Mega Ryuushi Requiem Shoot" fa="Sam Darley 2017">In the cave to the right of Trickles. Punchy moves through the roof, then left along the lip to the fixed maillon. Back-jumping recommended. 4 RB's.</climb><climb id="54" extra="Þ" grade="Project" name="Roof Project (open)" length="10m" fa="Open Project bolted 2017">Powerful roof starting from the right corner of the cave. Engaging moves left along arete to top out at the end of Mega Ryuushi, then move right to lower-offs. 3RB's and 1 fixed maillon. Open project somewhere north of 28.</climb><climb id="55" extra="Þ " name="Roof Project Direct (open)" length="8m" grade="Project" fa="Open Project bolted 2017">Direct, less aesthetic variant of similar difficulty. Starting at the right corner of the cave and up pockets and slopers. Open project.</climb>
<climb extra="X" fa="Craig Martin, Russ Davis 1982-11-14" grade="9" id="29" length="12m" name="Communal Nose">8m right of T. Pleasant right arete of the block (little pro).