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<climb grade="22" id="28" length="12m" name="A" stars="**">Up to break as for T, then left (friends) and up to double BB belay.
<climb grade="??" id="29" length="10m" name="(Drilled Unbolted Project #1)">8m left of T. Roof and overhanging arete.
<climb grade="26" id="29" length="12m" name="Living Vicariously" stars="***" fa="Julian Hurrell 2016">10m L of Saggitarius and just before The Box. Hard start up to the roof then up and around the lip onto the arete. Finishes as for The Box. Bolted by Julian Hurrell and Paul Riviere Feb 2016. FA by Julian May 2016.</climb>
<climb grade="23" id="30" length="12m" name="The Box" stars="*" fa="Paul Riviere 2015">Starts 10mts L of Techtonic. Crux start up the steep cavity to horizontal break at about 3.5 m. Upwards tending L around into the boxy corner. Enjoy some good old fashioned jamming (remember this is a sport climb) before leaving
<climb grade="??" id="30" length="10m" name="(Drilled Unbolted Project #2)">As for DUP#1. Left side of arete.
<climb fa="Paul Riviere 2001" grade="26" id="31" length="10m" name="Modern Plumbing" stars="**">At left end of cave. Stick clip fist bolt to protect start, then up to break (#1 and #1.5 friends) then up steepening wall. 3 RBs to double BB belay.