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The testing was done at Barden Ridge, Sydney NSW.

Two areas; the first is a block in the third (and last) quarry (Blue arrow) as you walk in, above the access to the Barden Ridge climbing area, off Thomas Mitchell drive/ Old Illawarra Rd. The second test was on a flat slab of natural rock on the clifftop 45m further along the track, where the track divides, then turn left 5m towards the cliff edge, marked with a red arrow.

Figure 1 Location of testing

Test mode

All tests are by shear unless stated

Compressive Strength

Not tested yet, assumed 15 MPa for both areas.

In the dry the rock surface doesn’t scratch with hand pressure and a biner and I'd rate it 5/10. Once the surface is removed it scratched freely with a metal object. I will be taking some cores for testing the rock compressive strength when I find a cheap way to do this.

As testing was carried out 2 sites with potentially different rock strength, results from the slab of natural rock will be in red.

Gear tested

Figure 2 gear tested (L to R) 3/8” x 45 mm coach screw, 3/8” x 50 mm carrot 3/8” x 65 mm carrot, 10 x 80 mm Ubolt, wide spaced 10 x 80 mm belay staple.

There were also dynabolts and screwbolts in 10 and 12 mm diameter, a Rawl expansion bolt (13mm), and 8 and 10 mm ringbolts.

Figure 2 Screwbolt

Figure 3 Dynabolt

Figure 4 Trubolt

Test Results

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