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Jason 'Bundy' Lammers working hard at Bangor (Sydney) (Photo: Stu Dobbie)
Some of the interest earned by investing the SRC Access Fund is used to fund the replacement of old bolts on existing climbs. These are usually mild steel bash in "carrot" bolts which have been in place for as long as 30 years and are often rusting, protruding and of uncertain strength.

When rebolting takes place on mixed routes in older climbing areas, replacement is with stainless steel hex head bolts fixed in place with two part polyester or epoxy adhesives. Increasing the number of bolts ("retrobolting") on routes is rare, but is done if thought necessary and consensus is reached after consultation with the first ascentionist and climbers who know the route.

Threaded ringbolt

Routes which were originally equipped with home made fixed hangers on carrot bolts may be re-equipped with stainless steel glued-in ring bolts. The SRC has a supply of factory made threaded ring bolts.

Over the last few years the SRC has funded the rebolting and replacement of anchors on some 80 routes at Barrenjoey, Berowra, Bangor, Earlwood, Mt York, Mt Boyce, Dam Cliffs and Mt Buffalo. In late 2007 club funds paid for the replacement of various fixed anchors at the Warrumbungles which were in dangerously poor condition.


In early 2007 Australian Climbing Consultants kindly donated $500 to the SRC for rebolting purposes.

Fixe chain anchor

In 2010 Mountain Equipment donated just over $1,300 raised through their Reel Rock Film Tour to the Access Fund. They also supplied a number of Fixe Anchor Chains which we now have for use on approved projects.

These and the SRC funds are available to those with the appropriate skills and equipment to support the rebolting of old routes. Contact the club President to discuss your proposal.

Climbing Anchors Australia also support rebolting and will donate money and equipment for appropriate projects.

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