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Home Page

For general e-mail enquiries just drop a line here.

Please read the Membership page and the Getting Into Climbing page to see if they answer your question first.

Our snail mail address is:

  • PO Box A592
    Sydney South
    NSW 1235

Click on a committee title below to generate an e-mail to the office holder. Please do not send any advertising or spam, it will be promptly deleted and your address will be added to the anti-spam list.

President The Big Kahoona.
Vice President The Big Kahoona's assistant.
Secretary The official contact officer for the Club.
Access Officer Matters or information regarding crag access issues.
Business Manager To order guide books for purchase, or to arrange payment.
IT Officer Matters relating to the web site or e-mail lists.
Librarian Members can contact the librarian to order books and videos.
Membership Secretary For enquiries related to Club membership.
Social Secretary Write to our social butterfly here!
Thrutch Editor To submit articles/photos for the club newsletter.
Treasurer Financial matters.
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