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The Wolgan Stories

The stories that climbers write about the things they do, about the games they play, are the best way to evoke the character of a particular area. Their stories capture the immediacy of the event and are enriched by all the assumptions about gear, attitudes and the climbing style of the day. A collection of such true stories forms a better picture of climbing at a place than the dispassionate summation of its history by one individual, whose account will unavoidably omit important happenings and be necessarily abbreviated by the ever-present space / cost constraint. These "overview" histories invariably fail to convey the "feel" of an area, with names and dates taking precedence over sandy holds, dropped gear, beguiling views and sweaty palms.

Do check them out, they will enrich your own Wolgan experiences immeasurably. At the very least, they'll make a good diversion one rainy day at Newnes. Who knows, they may teach you something of the past so you might better enjoy the present and maybe even pause for a moment to think about the future.

– Wade Stevens

"Get out there now and make sure you become part of the glorious past in somebody else's future!"

– Andrew Penney.

Story Author Climb/Cliff
The Coal Mines (so to speak) Mike Law TDM and Tranzister/The Coal Mines
Big Glassy, The Original Route Andrew Penny Big Glassy/Big Glassy
Fever Vera Wong Fever/Big Glassy
The Great Untoothed Andrew McAuley Big Glassy Corner/Big Glassy
Caught Shorts! Dot Butler Annie Rowan Clearing
Luck and Jesus Ian Brown Luck and Jesus/Rimfire Mountain
Bush Rat Penny Leicester Bushrat/Old Baldy Lower
Keep The Faith Tom Williams Keep the Faith/Deanes Creek, North Wall
The Adventures of Superman Chris Hille and Andrew Jones Superman/Exploding Galaxies
Central Direct Bruce Cameron Central Direct/Old Baldy Upper
Right?...Yes! Bede Harrington Righteous Brothers/The Coke Ovens
Shit, Oh Dear! Keith Royce Shit, Oh Dear/ The Coke Ovens
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